In cooperation with success-oriented doctors and dentists, we establish health centres and practices for dental and oral medicine. We also provide support in the development and operative management of individual medical and dental practices as well as for clinics or major dental and oral medical centres. Our support is based on long-term experience and leads to solid professional and economical success. Every Medeco Partner is free to develop his own entrepreneurial and professional strategy, the success of which will further benefit the other Medeco locations.

Your prerequisites
  • Unlimited work gratification
  • Solid professional knowledge
  • Distinct will to enhance your skills and be successful
  • Reliability, discipline and structured planning and action
  • Friendly, honest and reliable contact with patients and employees

Ihre Vorteile
  • Self-employed partner system at fixed conditions
  • No franchise system or turnover-related fee system!
  • Professional, organisation and architectural freedom to design your complete Medeco location or your own (joint) practice within a Medeco dental centre. You are the entrepreneur!
  • "100% participation in sales" as a MEDECO full partner with own assistants and own entrepreneurship
  • Best economical utilisation of fixed assets through optimised practice opening hours
  • High degree of occupational and financial security within a larger community
  • Partner aid during illness, vacation and training periods

Upon request
  • Full or partial financing of your own Medeco location or own practice within a Medeco centre
  • Support in entrepreneurial issues
  • All-inclusive business solutions for the entire location or individual practice
  • Contract design for MEDECO ZMK Centres and practice contracts (joint practice, practice association, across location and national associations, second practices, junior partnerships, MVZ [i.e., Medical Care Centre] contracts, freelance work, employee contracts)
  • Support in contract and legal issues with chambers, associations and health insurers of statutory medical and dental insurance physicians
  • Participation in Medeco advertising, marketing and training measures
  • Purchasing at Medeco conditions
  • Entrepreneurial participation in Medeco's dental laboratories
  • Dental prostheses at special conditions
  • Participation in the Medeco network
  • Free access to our internet platform
  • Participation in the internet-based "Dental Schedule"