• Traumatology
    Treatment of upper and lower jaw fractures, facial and soft tissue injuries
  • Dysgnathia
    Surgical therapy of dysgnathia in jaw projection and retraction, surgical corrections to asymmetrical face and open bite
  • Deformations
    Correction of deformation in facial areas as well as cleft lips and palates

  • Tumour diseases
    Conservative and surgical therapy of benign and malignant tumours
  • Jaw ridge diseases
    Oral vestibule surgery and alveolar ridge construction (pre-prosthetic surgery), bone grafting in aging upper and lower jaws (alveolar ridge atrophy)
  • Arthropathy
    Conservative and surgical therapy of temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction

  • Inflammatory processes
    Conservative and surgical intervention in chronic or acute inflammations (e.g., inflammatory maxillary sinuses, salivary glands, skin or mucous membranes, teeth)