Implant crown screwed in place
Implant crown
Artificial roots
Artificial roots

Implantation is understood not only as the implantation of artificial material but also of own or exogenous material (transplantation) into the body. In dental medicine, implantology predominantly means the insertion of artificial roots into the jaw bone to replace individual or several teeth or to anchor removable tooth replacement. Metal or non-metal materials are used for dental implants.

Implants can:

  • Replace individually missing teeth,
  • Form artificial bridge abutments,
  • Support fixed or removable tooth replacement.

Removable prosthetics in malocclusion can thus be prevented by implant-supported bridges. In the replacement of individual teeth, healthy adjacent teeth no longer need to be ground to form bridge abutments. Implants also help in stabilising full dentures, thus contributing to an improved chewing function.