Interdisciplinary surgical procedures

Interfering, overlapping bone parts in the upper jaw<br><br>
Situation after jaw ridge equalisation

Prosthetics: Preprosthetic surgery follows the objective of improving the prosthetic base. Surgical deepening of a flat oral vestibule for example serves to improve the attachment of full dentures. The removal of overlapping bone edges and smoothing of a toothless jaw can also improve the fit of dentures.

Orthodontics: a translocated tooth (usually upper canines) can be surgically exposed and bonded with an attachment element in order to then integrate it into the dental row by orthodontal means. A further surgical indication is given in the case of real diastema (gap between the central incisors with a deep labial frenulum as cause).

Parodontology: Important mucogingival-surgical procedures are, for example:

  • Fren(ul)ectomy, fren(ul)otomy or frenuloplastic: practised to sever or displace the labial, buccal and tongue frenulum
  • Vestibulo- or oral vestibuloplasties
  • Free mucosal transplants and sliding flap for plastic coverage of parodontal recessions.
A oral vestibule plastic with skin transplant in upper jaw enlarges the prosthetic base.
Alveolar rim atrophy in the lower jaw
Lower jaw structure with bone replacement for better prosthetic fixation.