Dental fillings

The selection of the filling material depends on the condition and properties of the defect. The development of the adhesive filling therapy with the use of the acid etching technique in filling therapy led to a rapid development of new materials. Amalgam had been almost exclusively applied as filling material in posterior teeth up to this time. Inlay therapy (cast fillings) was also applied to a limited degree.

Cavity classes

Cavity classes:

The result of preparation – the cavity – is subdivided into five typical classes of location and form. This is of practical significance in the description of filling therapy.


Class 1    Fissure and foramen-caecum cavities
Class 2    Approximal cavities in premolars and molars
Class 3    Approximal incisor cavities
Class 4    Approximal incisor cavities with loss of the corner of the cutting edge
Class 5    Dental neck cavities